Get Face to Face with Overseas Candidates

If you are looking for a number of people, that you just can’t find in Australia, travelling to hold interviews overseas is an effective way to achieve your recruitment goals.

Our overseas interview solution suits employers who are able to travel and have a volume of needs. We work with you closely to get your interview team in front of a number of skilled people who both match your exact criteria and are motivated to move to Australia.

Sourcing is the key ingredient. We design a targeted digital marketing campaign upfront, to attract and match high calibre candidates with the skills you require. We work closely with your team to shortlist applicants then deliver a complete schedule of interviews for a location and time that suits your business.

With dedicated support provided both in Australia and on the ground in your chosen interview location, you can rest assured that all the details and logistics are taken care of and look forward to jumping on the plane ready to interview.

From that point onwards, offers can take place and our visa team are available to support you and the candidate, ensuring everything in the process is seamless.

All of the overseas interviews we have organised have led to high numbers of people being hired, relocated and now working in Australia.

Here’s our process for finding you great candidates and interviewing in an overseas location.

See the process below:



We meet with your team to understand the roles and job descriptions – maximising reach and return.


In the 8 weeks leading up to your trip, we utilize our highly sophisticated digital tools and platforms to create a targeted online campaign.


All marketing activity leads to a custom landing page promoting your business, who you are looking for and the opportunities available.


We review and filter applications against your criteria so only the most relevant applications reach you.


We confirm the interview and liaise with the candidate on all details.


Working In facilitates all management of the event so you can arrive ready to meet your future employees.


Stress free and seamless organisation of your candidate interviews – wherever you are.